Fan-kulturen en del av mainstream

Fans spelar en allt större roll i data- och TV-spelskulturen. Om detta handlar en artikel publicerad i tidskriften Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.

ABSTRACT – Online communities have developed rapidly in the last few years, and key to this is their growing visibility outside the game itself. Fan conventions, cosplay, videos on YouTube and gamer ‘chic’ are becoming increasingly prevalent parts of mainstream culture. This article investigates the growth of these groups through a discussion of ‘fan-producers’: gamers who make videos, machinima and webcasts. Specifically, it examines the role of the group The Yogscast, and the game Minecraft, in developing the relationship between game and fan. It also argues that the self-supporting nature of the gaming community has, despite some notable issues, started to change the ways in which gaming is perceived and developed. The player now takes an active role in the development and dissemination of many games – especially indie titles such as Minecraft – and this in turn is changing the ways in which the game text is interpreted.

Artikeln heter Diggy Holes and Jaffa Cakes: The rise of the elite fan-producer in video-gaming culture, och är skriven av Esther MacCallum-Stewart vid University of Surrey och finns att läsa online här. För att ladda ner den måste du tyvärr vara medlem. Artikeln är publicerad i tidskriften Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.


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